"MARGUERITRUTEN" - Begitte Lynge Andersen




– et ægte menneske har flere rum” /


“The marguerite route

– a genuine human being has multiple rooms”


A three-room exhibition with an abundance of all sorts of textiles, textile techniques, silvered, sandblasted, and blown glass.

Exhibited at Ebeltoft Glasmuseum, April 30 –  September 9, 2020

Produced at The Danish Art Workshop/Statens Værksteder for Kunst, Hollufgård Artist Residence and PUST, Ebeltoft.

Thanks to: Statens Kunstfond, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond, Arne V. Schlechs Fond and Beckett-fonden

Fotograph: Ard Jongsma, Still Words.

In collaboration with Marie Retpen.

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In Denmark, The Marguerite Route is known as one of the most scenic tourist routes in the country passing a large number of Denmark’s major attractions, and historic sites. The route has the name of the ‘Marguerite Daisy’, which is the favorite flower of Queen Margrethe II. Marie Retpen and Begitte Lynge Andersen’s interpretation will, however, be a very different experience. Their version of the route will take you through borders crossing between public space and private sphere, narrated through bodily references and a series of rooms, which have been transformed into poetic, sensuous, and thought-provoking installations.

”Each room represents different layers, which we as humans might contain: There are rooms, which we are happy to show, rooms, which are normally not shown to anyone, and rooms, in which we show more than people might like to see,” the artists explain. In an overall perspective, the rooms are characterized by a border between public and private space, inner and outer life and the transgressive feeling, which might be connected to showing the less beautiful.”

The rooms in the exhibition present various narratives and artistic expressions – from gilded medals representing a celebration of the body’s exterior to a peek into the private sphere, where visitors are invited to get ‘under the skin’ of the artists! Each room should be seen as one installation, and the titles are shaped as pictograms referring to the characteristic pictograms of The Marguerite Route – the most beautiful route of them all.

Co-creation and dialogue
The narratives and artistic expressions are created in close dialogue between Begitte Lynge Andersen and Marie Retpen. From their own professional standpoint, they encourage and inspire each other through a presentation of the technical and aesthetic possibilities and methods typical of their field, and all the works in the exhibition are the result of a direct co-creation between the two. They work primarily with blown, silvered, and sandblasted glass, textile, incorporative crafts such as crocheting, knitting, sewing, and graphic printing techniques on silk, wool, and plexiglass.

As part of the exhibition experience, the musicians, Maren Hallberg Larsen and Jørgen Dickmeiss have composed a musical piece in multiple layers, which changes according to the narrative of each room.